Sunday, 8 May 2011

It's my birthday in one day and so i fancied treat :)

Yesterday after work i caught the bus to the station and had decided to have a quick look in boots.... i hadn't been using foundation for about a month now after i ran out and i wasn't sure which make to sisters friend Jess is just great at giving advice and helped me out with which foundation to get (thank-goodness she did, or i would of been there for hours!) (oh and seeing as i have lost the receipt i will round the prices up) :)  sorry   XXX

                Name:    max factor miracle touch liquid illusion foundation 
                Colour:   cream ivory 40.....  

I wasn't sure if i would like this type of foundation it but i just listened to jess's advice... and gave it a try...

It was sooo cute it came with a little white circular pad...


Then i used to have the body shop cheek and lip stain, i used it up till it was finished but it wasn't the best because the tube use to leak alot when i did the lid up tight. But i did like the fact that it was 2 in 1 :) 

 But in boots Jess recommended the Bourjois blusher, Colour: rose frission 54
I didn't think it would work that well but when i got home i decided to try it on this morning after my shower to get me up and ready for church... and it is amazing!
again it comes with a little brush type thing and you use hardly any which is sooo good... and i would definitely recommended it! 


and then i brought some dry shampoo which i will try out when i need it...but i just though i would add it in :)


I was really pleased with my 3 Purchases which came to a total of... (great.. i have lost the receipt)  ermmm... about £23.00   :) 

Thanks for reading and please comment below.. Lots Of Love Milly XXX

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