Thursday, 28 April 2011

"Battery Exhausted? "......"Oh is it now ?"

My carrot cakes went really well (trying not to blow my own trumpet) i think there the best ones so far! :)
I made two big square cakes and cut them in 9 squares each, they were all nicely decorated... so i decided it was time for a picture.... i went over to my bag and pull out my camera... when it came out with the messgae Battery Exhausted? (ran out of battery) I could of dropped my camera in the cake. I was tres miffed. Sorry.. i have just broken a promise aswell! UHHH! Well i promise with a cherry on top :) and extra sprinkles that my camera will be FULLY charged and i WILL take a picture next time...

                               (my face when i saw the message on my camera)

love milly XXX

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I would really like this USA print dungaree dress.... but would i wear it? or just stare at it.. hanging in my wardrobe?

I look at it every day.. and i have even set it as my wallpaper on my laptop.. thats how overly obsessed i am about it...

Its £46.00 (alot of money) but its sooo nice.... what should i do, please comment ? Love Milly XXX

Ps. I am making some carrot cakes for the cafe soon and i will put some pictures on... i promise? :)

Stuck in the Middle

I'm half and half for buying this lovely Yellow Pac-A-Parka :)

 Reasons For:
Its yellow!
Its cute!
Its warm but it packs away!
Its nice and bright! 
its amazing!
its yummy!
i will never get the chance to buy it again!
i will be verrrrry sad...

Reasons Against: :(
Its £25.00 
Its not going to rain much?
Summers on its way
Will it fit by winter ?

What do you guys think? Please comment... Love Milly XXX

Haul .1)

Today i had a lovely day out with my friend Emma, on the fun bikes and going to the cinema. Seeing as it was a Easter Monday holiday, i didn't think many shops would be open.. but most of them were! This was a great chance to spend my carrot cake money (which i earned from making carrots cakes for the little cafe)

                                         its not a great photo (looking a little bit wind swept  ? :)

                                                                  Our bike Niamh :)

I went to Topshop and fell in love with this little sleeveless top! It was £18.00 but i though of all the different thing i could wear and match it with and i couldnt help but buy it!♥

I then went to new look and happended to be passing through "generation 915" (its a bit shamefull to say but threre are actually some alright things in there :) and so i came across this cream cardigan with little brown wooden buttons and for £15.99 i had to buy it...i actually dont know why i brought it but.. hey!.. its cute! :')

In boots i found a cheep but cheerful body spray for the summer..(apple and lime) and its very refreshing i have to say! £1.88

And you know every time you go to town you just have to have a quick look in professor bananas :) just looking for somthing small to eat, i came across my all time favourites...NERDS. i never even knew that they were still around but obviously they were... so i brought them. BUT...I couldn't open them because i didnt want the thought of this being my last packet.. incase i never saw them again... so i took a photo shoot of them to savour the moment.. and then opened them very carefully.... doing the "i'll eat them one by one to make them last" but that didn't work for long and soon i had the empty cardboard box.. just sitting in my hand.. feeling very sick. (these were at a expensive price) ("rip off") of  £1.75 but i have to say they were 100% worth it! :)

All for a total of...  i'll go for the easy option...(calculator)  = £37.62..

And here is a picture of the 4 items all together :)

Love Milly XXX

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I want to live in a little dolls house.

I found sooo many lovely pictures of houses that i would love to have when i am older, i actually had to force myself to stop looking at them...





Living Room


i could go on forever and ever... as you can tell ;)
what do you think... ?  

  - ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥- ♥-