Tuesday, 31 May 2011


On Sunday we went for a look up at the garden center and i saw the most cutest cooking basket. Even though the one mum has given me for school has been passed down 3 generations and is "lucky" i think i could possibly you know.. make this one even more lucky? and its lighter and o'soooo cute :)

mum said that we could get the website from the label and have a look how much it was online... so looking around the garden center i had to try and remember the link... "dotcomgiftshop" "dotcomgiftshop"  i forgot it twice and had to go back for a second look :)

when we got home we had a look at the website and ITS AMAZING (even though the basket is more expensive online) they have some lovely things on there! I did think about keeping the website on the "down low" but i couldn't resist but tell you! Its such a great website and sells such cute things, (you must have a look) ...now!


Love Milly XXX

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