Thursday, 21 July 2011

cupcakes with nadja ♥

Yesterday I went round to nadja's house and made some cupcakes, i have to say they were verrrrry yummy they tasted like doughnuts! :)

Love Milly XXX

PS. i like making cupcakes but sometimes it gets a bit repetitive, do you recommend any other recipes? Please comment below ;)  XXX

Hows your holidays going?

Today i went to Lloyds Pharmacy and got a Cocoa Butter Vaseline ON A STICK!

its no exactly the same but its much more convienent and smells SOOOO good :)

I think i'll leave this week for homework and realaxing and prehaps next week for meeting up with friends, this saturday we're going to longville mannor for lunch with the family for my pop's 60th and have brought a new dress, so if i get round to it, i will do a post on outfit of the day :)

Ps. Finaly the sun has decided to come out, lets hope it stays that way! What have you been up to so far, comment below :)  ? 

Love Milly XXX

Monday, 18 July 2011

a cute little package :)

A few days ago i went online to figleaves looking for a new bikini , and so i ordered this one... :)

it came down today (4 days from when i ordered it) 
it was wrapped really cutely...

£28.00 & £18.00

it fits perfectly and its really good quality,
so i just thought to let you know if your looking for any underwear or swimwear that figleaves
is a really good place to look :)

Love Milly XXX

rain, rain, go away.......OLLY MURS ....fhdsjkgjdfgjkdslkgkd ♥

Friday was wet and rainy and even though i wasn't going to Big Gig i was hoping that the rain would clear for all of those who were! 

So on Friday i decided to have a lazy day:
 1.Sleep in late
2. Make cakes
3. Be lazy

I used my Cupcake maker that i got for my Birthday in May and baked some cakes and took a few pictures to show you :)

My new cupcake cases from ransoms :) 

Later on in the evening  (after Big Gig) a friend of my mums friend new where Olly Murs was going to be later on (at a private party) and so we went to the private party and waited a while outside in the car hoping he would be there and soon 2 cars arrived outside, a few body guards came out of the car and a few boys then came out, the driver then went round to the left back seat and opened the door, (whilst my mum was screaming, i can see the HAT) and so we ran out shouting OLLY OLLY and guess who i got my picture taken with?

Yes! Mr. Olly Murs Himself ! :')
and my sister Robyn from rottband of course :)

He said "hi girls, how did you know I was down here" and we said "top secret olly, can we have a picture" and he said "yeah sure" then he put his arms around us and said "it was nice of you to come down" then his manager said " we don't have much time" and he said "hold on, wait there, it's fine" and then we said " can we have your autograph to our friend Jessica" and he said "yeah" then he said " thanks for coming down girls" and he rubbed me on the shoulder and we said "byee" and I got in the car and I smelt my shoulder and I was like "hom nom nommy nom nom" xxxx ♥

and here is the autograph we got jess,

So even though it was a rainy lazy day, it turned out to be a day that i will never forget :)

ps. please take note that in the picture with Olly i was ready for bed, teeth brushed, hair tied back,
and in my red ducky PJ's and just had to throw on a jumper.....

Its not the best photo! but hey! i met OLLY MURS ♥ ;)
and I hope those who did go to Big Gig had an amazing time despite the weather !
Love Milly XXX

Friday, 8 July 2011

Jack Wills

I'm really liking this Jack Wills bikini.....

but i can't decide which one...
 i'm 65% for this one
and 45% for this one (i hope that adds up to 100%)

and i'm wanting this pen... LOTS.

Its such a shame the postage is sooo expensive :( 

 Which bikini do you think?
Please comment! 

Love Milly XXX

Hannah's 2nd Give Away..

Hannah from Which way to wonderland is doing another giveaway!

Which you can enter here!

Good Luck 
Love Milly XXX

Hannah's Give Away..

Hannah from Which way to wonderland? Is doing a cute mini giveaway! 

Which Inclues:
- Montagne Jeunesse Exfoliating Face Mask in 'Peach Kernal and Walnut'
- Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in 'Pink Mallow' (a big favourite of mine!)
- No7 Glitter Eye Liner in 'Royal'
Closing date: 22nd of July!

Enter the giveaway here!
Love Milly XXX 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A few pictures....

I am soo sorry that i havn't posted in over a MONTH. I am a bad bad bad bad bad blogger... BUT...The holidays are coming up soon sooooo i will be able to post more often.. but just for now heres a few pictures :)
ps. i don't own these pictures...

 and seeing as the FINAL Harry Potter will be out soon.. i added a few pictures realted to that :)
hope you liked them,

Ps. i think i also might do a giveaway soon in the holidays so stay in touch :)

Lots of Love Milly XXXX

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Barry M Giveaway!

Shannon from 'Cherry Blossom' is having a lovely Barry M giveaway!
The winner will get 2 barry m nail varnishes and 1 barry m lipgloss!
You can enter it here.

 (Closing date, 21st June at 8pm)

 Love Milly XXX


On Sunday we went for a look up at the garden center and i saw the most cutest cooking basket. Even though the one mum has given me for school has been passed down 3 generations and is "lucky" i think i could possibly you know.. make this one even more lucky? and its lighter and o'soooo cute :)

mum said that we could get the website from the label and have a look how much it was online... so looking around the garden center i had to try and remember the link... "dotcomgiftshop" "dotcomgiftshop"  i forgot it twice and had to go back for a second look :)

when we got home we had a look at the website and ITS AMAZING (even though the basket is more expensive online) they have some lovely things on there! I did think about keeping the website on the "down low" but i couldn't resist but tell you! Its such a great website and sells such cute things, (you must have a look)!

Love Milly XXX

A little bit late....

Sorry i havn't posted for a while (a long while).. i have had such a busy month, baking cakes, my birthday, french speaking test, 3 maths tests, and finding an outfit for my confermation! I would like to do a post about some cute gifts that i got for my birthday, but i havn't had the chance to charge my camera, so i have decided to get a few images of the internet :)

A baby pink cupcakemaker :) 

Some navy converse...

A cupcake stand...

a mac lipstick... colour: sweetie :) 

a mug from my friend katherine :)  

and a campervan charm too :) 

a make-up bag from emma, 

and some flip flops from shannon..

and some reversy percys's! you can't go wrong..(thanks baily)  :) 

and i just thought that i would also mention that i got the most cutest make up bag and cake poker from nadja from the garden center... i went up there on the weekend (twice) they have some great things up there ;)

Thank-you for my presents ;) xxxx I had a lovely birthday ;)