Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A little bit late....

Sorry i havn't posted for a while (a long while).. i have had such a busy month, baking cakes, my birthday, french speaking test, 3 maths tests, and finding an outfit for my confermation! I would like to do a post about some cute gifts that i got for my birthday, but i havn't had the chance to charge my camera, so i have decided to get a few images of the internet :)

A baby pink cupcakemaker :) 

Some navy converse...

A cupcake stand...

a mac lipstick... colour: sweetie :) 

a mug from my friend katherine :)  

and a campervan charm too :) 

a make-up bag from emma, 

and some flip flops from shannon..

and some reversy percys's! you can't go wrong..(thanks baily)  :) 

and i just thought that i would also mention that i got the most cutest make up bag and cake poker from nadja from the garden center... i went up there on the weekend (twice) they have some great things up there ;)

Thank-you for my presents ;) xxxx I had a lovely birthday ;)

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