Monday, 18 July 2011

rain, rain, go away.......OLLY MURS ....fhdsjkgjdfgjkdslkgkd ♥

Friday was wet and rainy and even though i wasn't going to Big Gig i was hoping that the rain would clear for all of those who were! 

So on Friday i decided to have a lazy day:
 1.Sleep in late
2. Make cakes
3. Be lazy

I used my Cupcake maker that i got for my Birthday in May and baked some cakes and took a few pictures to show you :)

My new cupcake cases from ransoms :) 

Later on in the evening  (after Big Gig) a friend of my mums friend new where Olly Murs was going to be later on (at a private party) and so we went to the private party and waited a while outside in the car hoping he would be there and soon 2 cars arrived outside, a few body guards came out of the car and a few boys then came out, the driver then went round to the left back seat and opened the door, (whilst my mum was screaming, i can see the HAT) and so we ran out shouting OLLY OLLY and guess who i got my picture taken with?

Yes! Mr. Olly Murs Himself ! :')
and my sister Robyn from rottband of course :)

He said "hi girls, how did you know I was down here" and we said "top secret olly, can we have a picture" and he said "yeah sure" then he put his arms around us and said "it was nice of you to come down" then his manager said " we don't have much time" and he said "hold on, wait there, it's fine" and then we said " can we have your autograph to our friend Jessica" and he said "yeah" then he said " thanks for coming down girls" and he rubbed me on the shoulder and we said "byee" and I got in the car and I smelt my shoulder and I was like "hom nom nommy nom nom" xxxx ♥

and here is the autograph we got jess,

So even though it was a rainy lazy day, it turned out to be a day that i will never forget :)

ps. please take note that in the picture with Olly i was ready for bed, teeth brushed, hair tied back,
and in my red ducky PJ's and just had to throw on a jumper.....

Its not the best photo! but hey! i met OLLY MURS ♥ ;)
and I hope those who did go to Big Gig had an amazing time despite the weather !
Love Milly XXX

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